How to change SSID and Passphrase of Netgear Network?


For an extra layer of security, you are suggested to change the SSID and security secret of your wireless connection. This will help you in protecting your connection from unauthorized access. You're able to change the credentials after you're finished with the Netgear router installation. The procedure of altering the credentials is listed below.

  • Connect your computer, modem, and Netgear modem altogether.
  • Subsequently, navigate into the router login window by opening a web browser and inputting “" or “" in the address bar.
  • Now, input the default credentials that are published at the base of the router. This really is necessary for signing in to a own router accounts.
  • By doing this, either you'll find the Netgear Genie page or Netgear Smart Wizard page.
  • On becoming Netgear Genie page:
  • Click the"Advanced" option followed by"Setup". From the next window, you will get the wanted field for changing the SSID and pass phrase. Click"Apply" to store the adjustments.
  • In case Netgear Smart Wizard window appears

Hit the"Wireless Setup" option which is supplied under the Setup category. Following that, you'll be able to enter the brand new SSID for the network along with the password. After making the changes, tap the"Apply" button.


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